Reflections from Colomoncagua

Voices from CSM

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November is a very special month for community Segundo Montes in Morazán. The month is full of events from daily vigils to commemorative processions, to special masses and all night dances. Not only do they celebrate their return from exile but on the last Sunday of the month a day of remembrance is held in Colomoncagua, Honduras.

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Being the 25th anniversary, this year’s attendance has proven to be the largest according to Don Lencho: a prominent leader of the Pastoral Team. More than 300 community members from all over Segundo Montes filled four large trucks around 6am to make the three hour long journey just past the Honduran border. Young and old, large families and those traveling alone shared the experience together.

The purpose of the trip was both to honor the land that was gifted to them in order to survive the war and honor those who weren’t…

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